Souvenirs de vol / Memories of flight

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111 réflexions sur “Souvenirs de vol / Memories of flight

    • … Tu l’as déjà faite, celle-là, mon cher bistroman… Bon pas en anglais, je te l’accorde.
      Mais oui, je l’aime bien, ton comique de répétition ! 😆

  1. « si j’étais le vent et toi la pluie, d’un souffle je sècherais tes larmes, j’ouvrirais grandes mes ailes et je t’emmènerai tout là haut dans le ciel que tu puisse contempler l’immensité de mon amour »
    Le texte original est en anglais, il s’agit de la chanson « If I Were the Wind (and you were the rain)  » sur l’album Not of this world de …..Pendragon bien sur lol, pas moi, mes potes musiciens
    euh la traduc c’est de moi quand même….pour une fois

    ça m’inspire tes photos vois tu, ça plus ce dont tu m’as parlé..Cadeaux 🙂

      • Ce sont les paroles de Nick Barrett (guitariste et chanteur de Pendragon) , moi je n’ai fait que traduire.
        oui je trouve aussi qu’elles se « marient » très avec avec ta photo, c’est pour ça 🙂

  2. Wundervoll !!! …it seems that the grass and the feathers are dancing with each other. So nice photos! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I remember the great one you did during the 365 project with the feathers on the water.. …maybe it’s time for a mini-series 🙂

    ..or a Feather-Blog: « Bonjour, my name is Julie… …and this is my feather blog » 😀

    ..or you can use it for a pillow commercial. 😉

    • Some people believe that I work with the complicity of my cats to get so many feathers… I swear I wouldn’t !!! 😀
      Be careful, these photos of feathers could have a soporific effect.

      • ahahaha… 😀 your cat !!! now I can count one and one! Your cat seems to be the-wolf-in-the-sheep-skin-in-the-cats-skin. 😉


      • ..I think it was quiete an effort to place all this stuffed crows on that roof tops ! Respect! 😉

        Only your three cats go for a hunt or you as well? What kind of weapon you use? …the famous ‘britanny spears’ ???

      • ..nonono, you don’t harm any bird !!!! 🙂

        And I doubt that this feathers were not from birds… …it was just left from a selfdefence fight of you with Lady Gaga. 😉

      • nono.. ..I’m far beyond-ce from not liking cats!

        But better don’t ask Mr Wrong-Wrong…

        Hey, btw.. …I successfully placed now my third popstar name in the last three answeres.. …yeaaahhh..

        Markus 3 Julie 0 😉 😉

      • Mr Wrong-Wrong is wrong by definition. Yuck.

        OKate, Mosst of the popstars I don’t really know, because I’m not interested, and you picked the easiest ones… 😀

      • Righty right … ..with Mr Wrong-Wrong !!!!!

        (ahaha.. great one you did!)

        Ah me, again.. ..why ‘n house you choose to place the crows, why not a tree or so..? Will-I-am in charge.. …I would pick the tree …or Call-a bruin bear to help me.

      • Wow, I can’t compete with you, you’re too talented to place popstars in your words ! 😀
        I’m struggling to remember any of them !
        Btw, do you know that it’s Susan Boyle’s birthday today ? 😆 😆 😆

      • Yes it is.. ..but this australian lumberjack from the forrest.. ..Woody-Allan.. I’m sure you know him.. ..told me that already this morning.

        …it’s so much fun with you. Thank you

      • same you do to me 🙂 merci !

        (..hey, psst, write that comment again to me and you will have another score – no worries, I used the invisible brackets of wordpress.. …nobody can read this except you)

        (« You make my mood fly like the BYRDS -… »)

        ..aahhem.. yes, C U later

      • Thank you.. …but you meant Dodo, or?

        …just wait a seconds.. …there are some breaking news on my ticker.. ..something about the jury of our popstar game..

        …they say that the jury has to disqualify all used celeb names in this post, because… …wait a second… …because they were used without permission… I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT ! …wait… …except the english band THE SPARROWS quit their contracts last year… ….therfore is the score now

        MARKUS 0 JULIE 1

        hey, you won!!! Coooool ! Congrats my dear.

        C U 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • 😆 😆 😆
        Indeed, you have something in common with the Dodo : you are very sympathetic and more than rare ! But when I read the etymology of the word « dodo », I can’t think it matches with you… 🙂
        Maybe you feel that you would rather belong to this robust sparrow species : the CARDINALS ? 😉

        See yoooou

  3. Encore une fois voici un titre bien choisi ! La photo fait bien transparaître un effet de légèreté, de frétillement; donne l’impression d’une envie de s’envoler à nouveau… Le vent pourrait peut être aider, mais les herbes agissent un peu comme une prison… Les souvenirs rendent plus forts et plus beaux…
    Je pars loin à chaque fois MDR 🙂 mais chaque photos est une histoire pour moi 🙂

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