58 réflexions sur “Photo du jour – Totem Centre-Breton / Central Brittany’s Totem

  1. Ca ressemble étrangement à des nids de cigognes !
    Tu sais qu’elles construisent souvent des nids sur plusieurs étages comme dans un immeuble ! Parfois sur des poteaux électriques.

  2. Comme un poing levé vers le ciel… Un ciel menaçant…
    J’y vois un élan de révolte, un éclat de colère, de rébellion, de force.
    Très percutant dans tous les cas 🙂

    • I’m happy you like it, Markus. 🙂
      Lots of the trees here have an impressive presence, their silhouettes look like strange characters, quite spooky…
      I love them !

      • Julie, let me tell you that I’m really impressed and very curious (or better metacurious… ..oops, wrong post) about your place. Is it a reserve or national park? ..and what’s name?

      • It’s not a reserve or national park… Or maybe, a reserve for lunatics like me ! 🙂 There are few people.
        The nature is still strong, powerful here. It’s very beneficial for me. I moved in Brittany 6 years ago and it really helps me to recover.
        There is something « magical » in the landscapes.
        Well, I fell in love with the place.


        Most of my photos are taken between Saint-Nicolas du Pélem and Gouarec.

      • Dear Julie, it’s good to hear that you recover !!! :):):) I love to play with Google Maps and -Earth, it’s such a wonderful toy for a boy like me… …and i cruised a little bit in your area! It really beautyful and that only by seen it on the map. Last summer a good friend of us went to Lorient for vacation and invided us, but unfortunatly we had to skip that… …and I was in Nantes years ago for a Handball competition. But once I want to see the Brittany. 🙂

      • Oh, so this litlle blurred silhouette leaping in the sky, it was you cruising with Google Earth ! 😉
        Lorient is nice, but it’s on the coast ; I like the sea but I’m a woman of the lands… 🙂
        I hope you can visit Brittany once.

      • hahaha.. .yeah, that was me. But it was not blurred, I do look always like this. Did you see me waving?

        It was not Lorient exactly.. ..quite close to that at the sea. I just so some pix. Wonderful! When I will start to write my book ‘How I became a Russian’ (Shortstories), I will go there.

      • So, if you’re not blurred, you’re… A ghost ?
        That would be funny, because I am a ghost too.
        I saw you waving, did you see me smiling ? 🙂
        I’m not sure I understand the link between your book (sounds a great, ambitious project ! 😀 ) and the breton place…

      • …I’m pretty fast and blur out !!! – No, I’m not fast, more lazy.. ..so you are right, I must be a ghost and I saw you smiling! 🙂 btw, I see you always smiling because with every comment you send I see you smiling on your icon. Smiling looks so good you! 😀

        Hey, that is no joke with the book. No kidding. Because in Russia some weird story happened to me, my friends force me to write them down, because for them it’s quite interesting to see Russia with my eyes. One chapter is ready. Hehe, even in english, because I needed some feedback from a good russian friend. – About the breton place: It is just this romantic dream to write a book somewhere where you are alone with the nature.

      • If my icon smiles or laughs all the time, you are the cause ! 🙂
        You make me nosey with your book… I wonder what your friends forced you to write down ?
        I understand the romantic dream : Brittany would be the perfect place to write, no doubt. 😉

      • ..and vice versa, too! – But don’t worry, the only reason why I’m not smiling at my icon is: it was a selfie without tripot. I was so concentrated on doing that pic, that I forgot to smile. But it’s still me.. ..at least a part of me. 🙂
        Do you want me to force you to read that chapter I wrote? 😀 😉

      • Yesss Markus, please force me to read your chapter 1, we’ll see if it irritates me… 😀
        You don’t smile on your icon, but you don’t look sad : I like your surprised expression, almost puzzled… 😉
        Btw, I didn’t dare to write it on my post today, but my photo du jour is dedicated to you – especially the title !
        I have some « not smiling at all » self portraits. Scary.

      • ..I was so focussed to press that button with my finger, that moments later my face starts smiling like « good boy! Well done! », ..but like I sad, moments later. Better done this with the 2sec-delay function 😉

        THANK YOU !!! 😳 🙂 that is so nice! So nice and puzzling! You did it again! 😀

      • You’re welcome Markus, you gave me an incentive to do this photo yesterday. 🙂

        Why should we always smile on self portraits ? Your portrait is authentic as it is, maybe a smile would have made it artifish-ial ?
        Btw… Do you sometimes press the button with something else than your finger ???

      • ..what incentive? 🙂

        True, why should we always smile? It always turned out bad, if I try to pose on pix. Those I like about me were more or less fluke.

        aahh, why, does it look like?

      • Let’s say… An « creative » incentive ? The challenge of the irritating puzzling ? For the rest, it’s metapersonal. 😉

        I was told that I don’t look the same person on my different self portraits.

        I was just teasing you about your own words : « ..I was so focussed to press that button with my finger »…
        If it looks like it ? Do you really want to know ? 😆

      • ..I was metaflattered, when you told me about the pic this morning. Really nice! 🙂

        I only know the few pics of you and it’s hard to compare because there is a detailed, an overhead and the straight, then with or without glasses and maybe in different moods.. ..yeah, there are differences, but it’s hard to say compared to people who know your features.

        Yes, I wanna know. 🙂

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