83 réflexions sur “Photo du jour – Accidenté / Damaged

    • Exactement !!! 😀
      Et plutôt que de prendre le risque inconsidéré de la cuisiner (je ne suis pas aussi téméraire que bistroman, et surtout je suis nulle en cuisine), je me contente de la photographier…

      • Scary AND scared ? You’re right… When you think of what he was watching at this moment… It means the photographer was scaring him ! I didn’t think I could be so terrifying ! 😀

      • nonono, he is just trying to getting close to you to hug and kiss you.. …but there is this scary technical monster between you from the planet CANON or SONY which he is afraid of. – But how will this story ends? Will they come together? ..to be continued

      • Hahaha do you hope to horrify me ? I have had boyfriends physically much more hazardous than Mister Celery… 😉
        « What is essential is invisible to the eye. » Saint Exupéry
        By the way, my technical monster is just a little Panasonic lumix TZ30. Not so scary.
        (Be careful with english : « Will they come together? » may mean something different than what you thought. 😉 )

      • 😀 omg, I feel sorry for your former boyfriends.. ..and of course for you for having them. 😉

        BUT, Mr Saint Exupéry is absolutely right. The inner values count!!! Which means in ‘Scary Celerie’ case lots of Vitamine C and all the other healthy stuff.

        No, I meant it both ways! 😉

      • 😆 😆 😆
        Don’t feel sorry for me, every experience has its good sides. Everybody has ones strengths…
        Not everybody needs celery.
        This conversation is far from decent.
        Why did you start it ? 😉

      • …far from decent? What is wrong if people (okay, Lady & Celerie in that special case) meet each other from both ways. Like the saying ‘meet you half the way’. 🙂

        ME start? YOU post a picture which is obviously an alien celerie which is scared about a PANASONIC which is an obstacle for him to come closer to you. Julie, you don’t let me not that much space in interpretation. It’s obvious what’s on that pic! 😀

      • Markus… If it’s so obvious, why are you the only one, amongst the people who commented this photo, to do this interpretation ?… 😀 😀 😀
        Please don’t tell me that you are a great fan of Freud and that you can read my subconscious ! 😉

      • maybe that’s the same voices. Hey than we have mutual friends. What about having a nice party all together. Good french vine, food and music… …believe me, ‘they’ are the best guest you can imagine. No food or vine consumption at all. Means more for us! 😉 😀

  1. J’arrive trop tard, tout à était dit sur se phénomène de la nature, en réalité le cerveau c’est toi, tu à eu le génie de le photographié et le mètre en ligne. 🙂

  2. Il a provoqué beaucoup de commentaires et discussions, ce céléri … Où vont donc se cacher l’étrange, l’insolite, la bascule vers l’effrayant !

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