83 réflexions sur “Photo du jour – Vaches, symétrie et scooter / Cows, symmetry and scooter

  1. Voila une photo sublime , qui nous montre que la ma chère Bretagne est plus verte que jamais, elle n’a jamais été si humide, le faible rayon de soleil matinale (je suppose) nous le révèle…

      • …aaahhh, I’m puzzeled, again !!! But what is the original and what is the copy? Today I’ a bit ill and I feel like I would live in that world which is on top of that picture. Hope tomorrow it will be vice versa again. 😉

        I once did a shot in Norway of a house which mirrowed in a Fjord. Okay, guess what I did.. …right! But, then I cropped only the reflected house. Looked not bad. Some friends couldn’t understand how I did it and were pretty astonished. Yeah, it’s so nice to be with stupids. Like in the saying « The one-eyed is the king amongst the blind persons » 😉

        Thank you for irritating me! Markus 😀

      • I’m sorry to know you’re ill… Did you sing to much ?
        I’d like to see this photo of a reflected house.
        Your portrait on PACUBA is a master piece : you managed perfectly to hide that you’re one-eyed. You must have used the same trick I used with my sheeps to make the illusion of a double eye… 😀 😉
        Irritating you is always a pleasure.

      • …yeah, to much singing.. ..I always have trouble to hold the high C

        Nice trick, huh? …and in real live I have blond curly hairs like… …aahhh.. …let’s say BONEY-M in blonde.

        If you like I can send you the pic by mail. Or better to embet it on this side.. …but I don’t know how? btw I couldn’t find the cropped version here, because I did that in Russia. But I can make a new version just for you !!!

      • Markus… Long blond curly hair… I’m afraid you’ve watched these sheeps too much ! 😀
        So, on the video of your exhibition in Russia, you hide this long blond curly hair under your cap ?
        You can send me the pic at my email : mooonalila@gmail.com
        I will insert it here if you wish. Send the uncropped version, or cropped if you have time ! 🙂

      • ..oh you mean Russia? There I wear just my skin-colored-swimming-cap!

        Will send you both versions by mail. If you like you can insert it. But please just do it that it looks like I would have done it (otherwise the others think that I’m to stupid for it). Just write: « Dear Julie, here is one of my flipped photos. Do you like it? best regards, The-Bloke-who-flip-all-fotos »

      • skin-colored-swimming-cap 😀 😀 😀

        Actually I have no idea how you could insert the photo on my blog yourself, I don’t think it’s possible, I think only the administrator of the blog can do it. So you don’t look stupid. Or, it is possible and I don’t know it, then I look as stupid as you. 🙂
        However you could write your comment and insert links to your pics’ web adresses, this way I could make them appear in the comment. No need to send them by email then.
        How make things complicated when you can make them simple ?

        « The-Bloke-who-flips-all-fotos » : does it mean you enjoy irritating people a lot ? 😀

      • ooopps, I already send them per mail. But I can try insert them in your blog, just to make you looking stupid as me. 😉 But I think, like you said, it will be not possible. btw, unfortunetly I don’t have my own blog yet because PABUCA was my start in this blogger-world and Christian will tell me off if I start to send private stuff via PABUCA.

        Yeah, people call me THE IRRITATOR !!! No, usually I do not try to irritate, but since I’m visiting your blog it became a kind of tic 😀

      • woooooow, that is awsome !!! Unbelievable what people you know. Respect, Julie, respect!

        It reminds me of an excellent photo I saw once (was it at the MOMA.. …I don’t remember) called the ‘The Dream Mirror’. Absolutely stunning work !!! You have to see that! 😀 😀 😀

      • Well, I have to say that I start to have very famous and qualitative social relationships in the world of photography… Do you go to the MoMA every month ?
        😀 😀 😀

      • ..aaahhh… …what do you mean by « do you go there every month »? I live there !!! Hello, Julie, anybody home?
        MoMA –> Museum Of MArkus 😀 😀 😀

  2. Dans l’œil du poisson,
    Le macaron du lac,
    Vert Anglais ,pistache,
    Se savoure lentement!

  3. Julie, purtroppo non sempre riesco a collegarmi, comunque mi fa piacere ritrovare la tua ispirazione fotografiche che si esprime su questi magnifici luoghi 🙂

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