54 réflexions sur “Photo du jour – Créature d’encre de Chine / India ink creature

      • hehe, the one in the middle… 😉 …but I ment 180° (upside down, so that the gras leave grow from the sky downwards).. ..but 2 x 90° is 180°… …funny you! 🙂

      • ..oh with pleasure, Julie !!!

        please tell me, how did you made this funny different ‘smilies’ (i guess emoticons is the right word)?

        I know that..
        « 😉 » is 😉 and « 🙂 » is 🙂

        ..but how did you make the funny red face or the rolling eyes?

      • I learnt Deutsch at school and I enjoyed it, I could speak quite well, but since I have forgotten almost everything… 😦 😳

      • I learnt France at school and I enjoyed it, BUT I couldN’T speak quite well, but since I have forgotten almost everything…
        😦 😳

        …but honestly, I miss it to learn french. At that time I was so lazy at school.. …c’est la vie!

      • I went to Deutschland on holiday when I was 13 and I could chat with deutsch boys. 🙂
        Otherwise I had no opportunity to speak deutsch, so that doesn’t help… I think if I went back to Deutschland I would be able to talk again quite quickly, but I would mix with english !

      • When I’m in France I try to use my 42 words which I do remember… …to be polite and respectful. But when I’m talking with hands and feet it looks more like a funny sharade. 🙂 I like France and the people. I like your mentality. btw, our neighbours here in Bochum are french. A lovely family. Aline and Christoph with their kids Lena and Vivian.

      • 42 words ?! Not so bad… 😆
        I imagine you can make yourself understand very well with gestures. 😀
        I’m not aware of « french mentality », but my partner, English, living in France for more than 10 years and not speaking a word of french, doesn’t seem to like French people so much… Well, he’s english ! 😉

      • ten years with speaking any word of french, not bad 😉 And I thought with my 15 years connection to Russia and without learning the language propper I was leading the not-my-business-ranking. 🙂

      • ..hehe, GoogleFrench..

        …besides english, only german.. ..but some of my friends say there is a need of improvement.. ..in german 😀

        because my wife is russian and I’m traveling a lot to Russia I learned some russian. My russian is terrible.. ..but I can survive with and can chat a little bit. It’s really hard to learn, difficult language !!!

      • Hehe your friends are so tender with you… 😉
        I learnt Russian for 3 years in Gymnasium, but it was with a terribly boring book, with a deadly boring teacher, and the only thing I remember is the alphabet… Such a waste !
        By the way : don’t run away, but I’ve been teaching French for 15 years… 😉

      • For one and a half year I studied russian at an evening-school here in Germany. Okay that was good for picking up some grammar, the rest I tried to pick up in daily live. Once a month I’m in Russia for a couple of days and always when I’m on the plane to Moscow I felt it so hard to read the Aeroflot magazin. After a couple of days in Russia it’s getting better, because I’m sorrounded by russian language.

        ..but all germans complain about the slang in our area. Former industrial area, where since generations is a big influence by different cultures which were integrated as foreign workers. Elsewhere in Germany they call their accents and slangs ‘culture’. Ours they call dirt. ..btw, do you have an accent? Is it the accent that’s known by the movie CH’TIS?

        You teach french? As a real teacher?

      • I was born in Valenciennes, right in this CH’TI area, and I would have had this accent (which several members of my family and lots of my friends have) if my parents hadn’t been teachers. They taught me carefully to speak without any accent, which allowed me to succeed to the contest of french teacher – the jury hates the « ch’ti » accent. Yet they find the accent from south of France charming…
        I have been a REAL 🙂 teacher for 15 years, 10 years with 11 to 15 years old pupils near Roubaix (difficult suburbs in the north), it was exhausting but I was extremely committed and passionate.
        Then I have taught to young adults in Brittany, where I live now.
        I had to stop working last year, for health issues.

      • I agree that your surrounding is a great influence of your accent. My wife learned just for one year, I mean she took a class for one year where they only learnt the propper phonetics… …and her german is so brilliant that she corrects me all the time.

        I hope you will cure all the issues you have/had. Wish you all the best. For sure the great nature where you life will be an supporting factor.

        Sorry for the REAL teacher… …I’m just try to imagine what an UNREAL is about? 😉

      • Don’t be sorry for the REAL teacher… I was wondering this myself all the time ! 😀
        Another secret I tell you : in every teacher, there is an impostor. 😉
        And now, I’m certainly UNREAL, as I won’t be able to teach anymore…
        Whatever, it’s nice to talk with you, it makes me cheer up ! 🙂

      • I’m sure a new REALity will dawn for you where you can use your great sense of humor, your wisdom and your sensitive way of capture all this emotions in your wonderful photos.

        Was so nice to talk to you. C U soon 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. Mis a par quelle est belle cette photo, elle va avoir le tournis et l’eau va déborder sur la page 🙂 je ne savais pas qu’en anglais on dit india ink, merci pour l’info.

    • 😀 Oui ça y est on est bons pour une inondation !
      Tu as remarqué, d’une langue à l’autre on change de pays d’origine ; Chine, Inde, à qui se fier ? 😉

  2. j’aime bien même si c’est encore un test de Rorschach pour me dire que je suis psychopathe 🙂 Par contre, je l’aime beaucoup dans le sens vertical quand on voit bien l’ampoule chevelue, mais bon ça c’est mon goût perso.

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