33 réflexions sur “Photo du jour – J’attends le soir / I await the evening

  1. Le soir ressemble actuellement au matin il fait noir… Entre les deux ton attente sera éclairée par le jour. Dis Julie, tu es certaine que ça va?
    Bises et à plus tard donc.

      • This village is called Gouarec, not far from Pontivy, Rostrenen, St-Nicolas-du-Pelem… 45mn from St-Brieuc. Do you know Brittany ?

      • yes, I am staying in Goruin – right now.. You are a bit far away… I know your area.. We have lived here for sometime. Although not staying. It is hard in this town,in this area.. But have loved the coast, the villages, and the general region. All good for photography.. I don’t speak good french. I cannot write French. I only know enough to go shopping ha! -xxx my name btw. is Yvonne.. (I can read your french on your blog. Well, most of it..)

      • Gourin is quite lost, isolated and, I guess, not welcoming for foreign people… So I understand it must be hard ! I came and join my partner in Brittany almost 6 years ago, and I’m lucky, I fully enjoy the area. I hope you will find a pleasant place to live, Yvonne. Take care. Julie

      • you are so right about gourin. Not very friendly at all. Shame really. We are.. We had to give up. We will be going to the states to live, once our house sells. We really tried too. Our good neighbour died last year, and now it is hopeless… yvonne xxx

  2. You photos are so rich with details and striking contrasts, that I could write a story from any of them. I’ve enjoyed catching up today. Warmly, Brenda

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