56 réflexions sur “Photo du jour – Quel rêve / Which dream

    • Actually he wasn’t moving a whisker. I suspect him to dream that I’m cuddling him. He’s the one who wakes me up at night to make me stroke him, so he can fall asleep again, purring.

      • A needy boy, I see. I got one like this as well. And a really cool girl who places herself between my arm and my upper body, like a little sardine, where she then sleeps. Much less needy…she just does it.

      • Is it because he’s a boy ? Or because he’s getting old ? Or both ? Of course he has to sleep against my belly under the blanket. Luckily my other two cats (and my partner) are not so demanding… 😀

      • Well, in our case it is because he is an ‘old boy’ with certain limitations due to traumatic experiences when he was little. He was found in a dumpster before he was brought to a shelter in Harlem…and was, allegedly, pacing back and forth in his cage before he was rescued by my partner about 11 years ago. Having said that, he is the sweetest and most charming cat one can imagine…just a bit needy, which is totally ok;)

      • Obviously our needy boys look quite alike, I rescued mine 11 years ago from a shelter in degraded suburbs. He was abandonned in the streets before he was weaned… He’s nickname is « superglue », because he’s stuck on me all the time. I love him with all my heart. 🙂

      • Saul is a beautiful name.
        Mine is called Kajou, which sounds like Kajou nuts, but actually it’s Kazu, the diminutive for Kasimir, a polish name (in memory of one of my great-uncles…).
        Kajou sound a bit clowny. 🙂

      • In German that would be « Kasimirchen ». Kajou is nice. I also like your pitch-black Cosmo. Reminds me of Hjordis, our black one. Oh dear, I hope we do not come across as crazy cat ladies…. needless to say, there is nothing crazy about loving cats, it is actually the most common-sensical thing to do.

  1. J’ai un chat qui ressemble à un tigre, j’aime les chats, ces animaux t’aime inconditionnellement, aime se faire dorloter, jouer avec ele.Salut tous.
    Félicitations pour l’article, grand.

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